Climate Innovation Unleashed

The University of Minnesota's Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center needed an experienced web agency to develop, design, implement, and provide technical services to improve their web presence. They chose Nighthawk because of our in-depth knowledge in website planning, Drupal CMS, user experience (UX) research, architecture, design, and implementation.

University of Minnesota Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center Website Drupal CMS

University of Minnesota’s Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center Website

The Midwest CASC is a partnership-driven program. They team scientists with natural and cultural resource managers to deliver science to help fish, wildlife, water, land, and people adapt to a changing climate.

The Need

The Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (MW CASC), under the University of Minnesota, embarked on creating a new website. This project aimed to not only establish an online presence but also meet USGS and UMN standards while fulfilling MW CASC's goals. The challenge was to create a site for a wide audience, including researchers, resource managers, policymakers, and the public, providing them with resources, engagement opportunities, and information on climate adaptation. The website also needed to showcase MW CASC's mission and support its research and information-sharing efforts.

The Solution

Nighthawk Marketing embarked on a collaborative design process, starting with workshops and interviews to align the website with user needs and MW CASC goals. Through meticulous planning, design, and development phases, Nighthawk crafted a user-friendly website featuring a searchable archive, clear calls to action, and updated resources. The result was a dynamic platform that amplifies MW CASC's mission, engaging its audience, and promoting climate adaptation research across the Midwest.