Universities and Colleges across the country need to demonstrate why their institution provides the best value for an extraordinary higher education. They have to quickly adapt to meet the emerging needs of prospecting and current students, along with faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and the business community they proudly serve. The most effective way to communicate with key audiences is through a professionally-designed website that has user-friendly navigation and contains relevant, engaging content.

At Nighthawk Marketing, our main focus is on website design, development, and support. We leverage web technology and current design principles to increase awareness of and familiarity with your institution of higher education. The websites we build are designed to meet the following goals:

  • Drive more traffic (current and prospective students) to your website and increase enrollment;
  • Sharpen focus on the primary audience without overlooking secondary audiences;
  • Improve user experience through research and testing;
  • Showcase the diverse personalities of your institution through student, faculty, staff and alumni stories using video and social media;
  • Meet accessibility requirements and structure in a way that enforces ongoing compliance;
  • Incorporate and improve search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic analytics.