Statistical Resources for Non-Statisticians

The Biostats4you website was designed & developed by Nighthawk to serve the medical and public health researchers and professionals who wish to learn more about biostatistics.

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BioStats4You Website

The BioStats4You website contains carefully selected and vetted training materials especially suited for a non-statistician audience. As of 2021, this site is being maintained by members of the Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Special Interest Group (BERD SIG) of the Association for Clinical and Translational Science (ACTS).

The Need

The BioStats4You team needed an experienced web agency to develop, design, implement, and provide technical services to improve their web presence. They wanted a vendor that had in-depth knowledge in website planning, research, architecture, design, and implementation. This included specialists for usability, accessibility, graphics, navigation, analytics, content strategy, and search engine optimization.

The Solution

To effectively communicate with their key audiences, the redesigned website had to have an effective information architecture, user-friendly interface, relevant content, and of course reflect a custom design. The website complied with existing federal, state and Minnesota State website accessibility laws/rules/guidelines.