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Keeping Minnesota Safe.

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Stay Safe MN Website

Stay Safe MN is first and foremost an educational website, serving to convey tips and guidance for safely navigating what have previously been common activities in our world pre-COVID-19.

The Need

As the Covid-19 pandemic initially developed in March of 2020, it became certain that an educational website was needed to provide valuable updates and information to the citizens and businesses of Minnesota. The information on this site needed to be targeted towards educating all Minnesotans about common behaviors that may need to change. The website needed to share information in an effective, interactive, and highly visual way. This site is differentiated from the state COVID-19 website,, which houses numerous data dashboards, resources for Minnesotans experiencing hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and breaking news and information about the state’s response.

The Solution

To meet an extremely tight deadline of standing up this new site, the Nighthawk team had to work quickly and efficiently in conjunction with the StaySafeMN team. The end result was a newly designed and developed website that was designed with user experience front and center. The optimized, mobile-friendly website offers a customer-centric look and feel to make it easy to locate important and time-sensitive information. The new website is responsive and compatible with modern mobile devices and web interfaces.