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Out with the old. In with the new.

We work with your staff to develop a system where they can easily migrate content from the old site to the new, using the content that has been assembled from the content audit and review. We work with your staff to map and collect both existing and new content (text & digital assets) that will be needed during the content migration phase.


Using a content map, your staff can easily migrate content from the old site to the new site using a uniquely-designed input form and workflow that we have created. Staff members assigned an “author” role can copy in content without worrying about format and then digitally “send” to an editor for review and publishing to the new site. Staff members with an “editor” role will have a special “review dashboard” where they can see the content that is ready for review and publishing. Editors will review content ready for publishing and either publish or send back to the editor with further edits.


Using this workflow enables your staff to become familiar with the CMS and also the process in which they will manage content in the long term.

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