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Visual Web Design

Responsive web designs providing optimal viewing and interaction experience for site visitors.

The first step is to create low-fidelity structural wireframes (for home and major inside pages) based on the research outcomes and site analysis recommendations. Our online tools display your site as a prototype so you can get a sense of how the site organization functions.


Then we create web design concepts and design the page templates based on the approved wireframe concepts and brand guidelines. We prepare desktop and mobile layouts so you can visualize the responsive nature of the designs. Our software tools allow you to view the designs in their native format. We test color and design elements to make sure they pass WCAG 2.1/Section 508 Level AA compliance requirements.


When we create, modify, and implement designs for our clients, we work with original source files in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Sketch. Graphics are developed using layers for easy alterations (i.e. a layer can be removed or replaced without changing the entire graphic). All graphics are created as web-ready, high-quality PNG, JPEG, or GIF files to keep the size of the files as small as possible and the site load time as short as possible.

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