We conducted user research, completed UX design and built a custom Drupal platform for the leading rural health research tracking program in the United States.



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Funded by the U.S. Federal Office of Rural Health Policy,  Flex Monitoring is run by a consortium from the Universities of Minnesota, North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and Southern Maine to evaluate the impact of the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant Program (the Flex Program)







The Need

The Flex Monitoring organization needed an experienced web agency to develop, design, implement, and provide technical services to improve their web presence. They wanted a vendor that had in-depth knowledge in website planning, research, architecture, design, and implementation. This included specialists for usability, accessibility, graphics, navigation, analytics, content strategy, and search engine optimization.





The Solution

To effectively communicate with their key audiences, the redesigned website had to have an effective information architecture, user-friendly interface, relevant content, and of course reflect a custom design. We established guidelines for style and visual look for the new website based on brand guidelines and messaging. All designs utilized the color palette specified by the Flex Monitoring organization and reflected the overall brand.




Responsive Design

The redesign required an updated, modern look and feel that was responsive to mobile use. The site was designed for all major mobile browsers and devices (iOS and Android). It was compatible with all major desktop/laptop browsers (Chrome 70+, Safari 12+ for Windows, Firefox 64+, IE 11+, Microsoft Edge).






CAH Interactive Map

We designed an interactive map for CAH locations. Site users can explore CAH locations using the interactive map. They can navigate by zooming in and out to locate CAHs in a specific area or use the filters to view CAHs meeting specific criteria.


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CAHMPAS Data Query Tool

The Critical Access Hospital Measurement and Performance Assessment System (CAHMPAS) is a tool that lets you explore Critical Access Hospitals’ (CAHs) performance on financial, quality, and community-benefit measures. CAHMPAS makes it easy for CAH executives, State Flex Coordinators, and Federal staff to explore these data by creating graphs and tables of different financial, quality, and community measures to be able to develop strategies to address CAH performance and collaborate with peers.


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Services Provided

Strategy Consulting
User Experience Research
Information Architecture Design
Content Audit
Wireframe & Prototype
Responsive Web Design
Web Development
Content Migration
Testing & QA
Analytics & Optimization
Website Support
Accessibility Compliance
Project Management





Technologies Used

Drupal CMS
Solr Search
Acquia Enterprise