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Keeping your new website functioning optimally.

We’ve all seen it before – something isn’t working exactly the way it used to on the website, but it isn’t affecting users too much. So, we continue, sometimes even making adjustments in how we work to keep things moving. While it may seem like this a manageable situation in the short term, it could cause you major issues in the future – especially if there is a security breach.


Maintenance and technical support are the keys to extending a website’s life and ultimately saving you time, money and headaches. In addition, iteration is a key element to keeping a website updated and fresh. Adding enhancements and new features, while scrubbing content (think – out with the old, in with the new) can help you provide a feature-rich, positive experience for your site visitors.


Nighthawk Marketing’s maintenance support services are centered around updating, enhancing, and keeping up with the many housekeeping items required to maintain your CMS website. We address CMS core, security, software, module, and plugin upgrades as they become available.


Nighthawk Marketing’s technical support services provide additional resources to tackle minor and major development needs. We continue to work within your development server where all work will be designed, coded, and tested. Once you have approved the work, we migrate the code to your live, production site and retest to ensure everything is working correctly.

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