The Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) was established by the Legislature in 1929. They administer retirement plans that provide retirement, survivor, and disability benefit coverage for Minnesota state employees, the Metropolitan Council, and many non-faculty employees at the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State university system. MSRS covers over 56,000 active employees and currently pays monthly benefits to over 44,000 retirees and survivors.



The Need

Their staff strives to provide excellent customer service to help Minnesota public employees save and prepare for retirement. They were noticing a trend in general questions about their plans, how they work, what are the benefits, how do you request reimbursements, etc. In particular, people wanted more information about Health Care Savings Plans (HCSP).



The Solution

We created two 2D vector graphic animated videos to educate viewers about HCSP plans. The topics covered the basics of the plan, who is eligible, and how to request a reimbursement. We chose 2D animation because of its flexibility and wide range of stylistic possibilities. It gives us the ability to tell an engaging story on a subject that, well, may not be the most exciting or entertaining to tell.



Services Provided

Concept Development
Script Writing
Custom Graphics
Storyboard Designs
Voiceover/Music Recordings
Video Animation
Video Editing
Closed Captioning
Accessibility Compliance
Project Management