targeted group state of minnesota contract holder We're dedicated to delivering innovation in the public sector. Nighthawk Marketing is a WOSB providing web and digital marketing services to government agencies, including government funded nonprofit and healthcare organizations. We have completed numerous projects with a high degree of quality and attention to detail while closely adhering to brand guidelines, budget parameters, and timelines. The people, processes, and resources that Nighthawk Marketing has in place allow our agency to work with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Our team offers deep experience and a stellar past-performance track record working with government agencies. From our headquarters in Minneapolis, we have a unique support relationship with the State of Minnesota agencies. Our goal is to help government agencies leverage digital marketing initiatives that build awareness and delivers key messages and information across multiple channels.

gsa contract holder pss scheduleOur team is vibrant, passionate, responsive and approachable about website technology and digital marketing strategies. We support all types and sizes of government entities - municipal, city, county, state, and federal. We also work with government-funded agencies and independent schools districts.



We focus on human-centered website research, design, and development that creates meaningful, relevant user experiences. Our expertise is open-sourced content management systems, with heavy emphasis on Drupal.

• Project Management
• Discovery & Consulting
• User Experience Research (UX)
• Information Architecture (IA)
• Content Audit
• Content Development
• Wireframing
• User-Centered Design
• Frontend Development
• Backend Development
• Content Migration
• Quality Assurance & Testing
• Staff Training
• Site Hosting
• Technical Support
• Accessibility Compliance




We produce award-winning videos that captivate, educate, and engage your viewing audience. Our video crew has extensive experience creating testimonial, interview, animation, training, drone, and demonstration short-form videos.

• Project Management
• Discovery & Consulting
• Script Writing
• Storyboard Design
• 2D/3D Animation
• Whiteboard Animation
• Video Editing
• Custom Graphics
• Closed Captioning
• Audio Descriptions
• Language Translation
• Accessibility Compliance



We develop and manage results-driven strategies that promote program awareness and showcase benefits and values. Many of the programs we support are funded by either state or federal grants.

• Project Management
• Strategy Consulting
• Program & Marketing Audits
• Brand Development
• Collateral Development
• Search Marketing (PPC)
• Social Media Management
• Feasibility Studies & Audits
• Strategic Marketing Plans
• Marketing Research


Federal, state, and local government agencies, including government funded nonprofit and healthcare organizations, can work directly with Nighthawk Marketing under the contracting vehicles below.



Our GSA MSA master contract allows for procuring simple to complex fixed-price, time and materials, or labor-hour professional services. Nighthawk Marketing is an approved contractor for the following services:

• 541511/541511RC: Web Based Marketing Services
• 512110/512110RC: Video/Film Production
• 541430/541430RC: Graphic Design Services
• 541613/541613RC: Marketing Consulting Services
• OLM/OLMRC: Order Level Marketing