The Project

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State (SOS) hired Nighthawk Marketing to plan and create responsive website templates to be used in informational websites and web applications. In 2014, SOS began modernizing its web presence by developing a responsive microsite for voter information content (

The plan for 2015 was to create a corresponding microsite for its Business Services information and to redesign the main SOS homepage around the remaining information. Nighthawk Marketing’s goal for this project was to design responsive templates for a new SOS Homepage, a new Business Services microsite, and the existing public-facing Minnesota Business and Lean System application (MBLS).

The responsive design, based on a Bootstrap foundation, quickly adapts to each user’s screen size. We wanted anyone visiting these pages to be able to view the tools in the best, most readable and user-friendly format on various devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphone.

ADA/508 compliance was a requirement. All HTML/CSS/JavaScript preprocessing steps were verified to work with Visual Studio 2013 & ASP.NET MVC4 & MVC5.



Our Contributions

•  IA - Information Architecture
•  Wireframe
•  Rapid Prototyping
•  Responsive Web Design
•  Web Development
•  Testing & QA
•  Accessibility Compliance



Technologies Used

•  Umbraco CMS
•  Bootstrap