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Web video marketing plays a vital role in any online marketing strategy. When video for the web is created and optimized effectively, it helps increase the reach and impact of your company’s online marketing communications. Web video helps to drive online visibility and increase your website traffic and search engine optimization, increase awareness and capture attention by syndicating content to social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Your web videos can also educate customers about your products, and encourage conversions and loyalty.

Effective online video marketing is a two-part process – creating a professional online video that entertaining or informative, then search optimizing it for maximum online visibility. When done correctly, an online video strategy will drive website traffic and increase revenue and profits. At Nighthawk Marketing, an experienced Minneapolis video marketing agency in Minnesota, our online video optimization team follows best-practice strategies to ensure your videos get the highest online visibility for relevant searches.

Maximizing online visibility on YouTube

YouTube is a massive search platform for video sharing. It now stands as the world’s second largest search engine and third most-visited web site. With more than three billion video views per day, it’s paramount your video are fully optimized. Our web video optimization team employs the best strategies for ensuring high online visibility for your videos. We employ best practices including developing a targeted keyword list, populating keywords and copy in the metadata, adding video annotations, and entering geo- and date-tagging.

Developing a targeted keyword list

When it comes to keyword optimization, you can’t be everything to everyone. A carefully selected keyword list should be based on the terminology your target market uses to find the type of content contained in your video. We use keyword research tools, such as YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion tool, to identify which are the best, which are the most popular, and which ones have the best chance to return the best results. We find keywords that are relevant to your video in order to attract qualified traffic.

Populating keywords and copy in the metadata

When someone searches YouTube for specific keywords, Google’s algorithm will scan titles, tags and descriptions of every video and return the most relevant results. We take advantage of all the data fields searchable by Google’s algorithms.

  • Title: We use the title of your video, along with your brand name at the end (up to 100 characters).
  • Tags: We use a mix of common and specific keywords with the title first, then your brand name, location, and relevant topics (up to 120 characters).
  • Description: We start with a brief call-to-action followed by your URL address, so when another website reposts your video, the URL could become an active link. We then add descriptive copy to describe the content of your video, with your URL address added at the end. (up to 5,000 characters).
  • Thumbnail: We include an interesting thumbnail picture to encourage people to view your video.

Adding video annotations

Encouraging people to comment or subscribe plays a keep role part in improving your search rankings. We will create content for the annotations, such as background information or links to related videos, along with when and where they appear and disappear. Annotations are not supported on mobile devices.

Geo and date tagging

We add geographical and date identification metadata to your videos when appropriate.

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Nighthawk Marketing is an experienced Minneapolis video production agency in Minnesota specializing in video production and video editing. While our local Minneapolis video production facilities are located in the Twin Cites of Minnesota, we work with clients nationwide.

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By Andrea Douglas