Customers Share Their Story Through User-Generated Content


The benefit of user-generated content, also known as user-submitted content, is to create an emotional tie between your customers and your brand or campaign. This interaction will turn your customers into your brand ambassadors. That personal connection comes with asking them to engage with your brand by sharing their story via text, photos, or video. Another benefit is the potential for a vast amount of content to be distributed in a relatively short amount of time. At Nighthawk Marketing, we built a user-generated content platform that can be customized for integration into your marketing efforts. We provide all the resources and tools to handle every detail of your user-submitted content project from start to end.

Professional video production

Our video production team can handle all the steps required to create a profession web video. For user-generated videos, we recommend a video length of no more than two minutes. This helps enhance the user experience with fast server response time when viewing their custom video. Learn more about our Minnesota video production company capabilities.

Engaging custom landing page

Our web design team will create a custom landing page that is compliant with your brand and campaign guidelines. At quick glance, your target market will quickly identify with your brand and be eager to interact with your page. There are no limitations to where your user-generated content can appear on the page. You’ll also have ample content space to promote your brand and campaign messages.

Robust photo preview and repositioning functionality

In most cases, a photo uploaded by the user is not perfect on the first try. That’s why we include photo preview and repositioning functionality to enhance the customer experience and eliminate a lot of do-overs. The user can simply click and drag the image around within the box to get the perfect position.

Multiple social sharing options

Spread the word and ignite your viral marketing campaign. Every story comes with social media sharing buttons that makes it easy for users to share with their friends. We use the ShareThis social plugin to give you a huge selection to pick from. You can select as many social media platforms as you like, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Email, etc. We also use AddThis Analytics API for programmatic access to your sharing data. You can use the API to download reports and integrate them into your internal metrics dashboards and workflow.

Secure back end database administrative controls

You’ll have full administrative controls over all user-generated content. We give you the option to include an internal review process to ensure all user-generated content is appropriate and meets your company’s standards before being made public. Each user-generated video is assigned a unique URL address. The review and approval process sends automated email alerts to key team members notifying them of new content. A simple review step allows for quick approval or rejection. Automated customer-facing emails also notify the user throughout the process regarding the status of their content.

Perfect for generating qualified leads

Our back end database is designed to require and capture important customer information you need to build a qualified lead list. Before a user can submit their content, you can require them to complete and submit information about themselves, along with agreeing to your terms and conditions agreement. Customer information entered into the data fields is captured and stored in the database and can be easily downloaded into a spreadsheet or your CRM software. The information is also available at a quick glance online by your administrators.

Many server and hosting packages

We use dedicated servers with FFMpeg preinstalled to facilitate streaming video data on a Linux server and allowing conversion from one media file into another. There are several hosting companies and plans available and we can discuss the options with you.

Learn more about user-generated content campaigns

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By Andrea Douglas