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Nighthawk Marketing, a Minneapolis social media company in Minnesota, helps companies develop and execute disciplined social media marketing strategies that identify benchmarks and key tactics when using multiple social media platforms. We work with B2C and B2B companies from various industries such as government, non profit, education, legal, retail, health care, and financial to name a few.

We have digital marketing, SEO experience and skills required to help you develop a social media presence and create engaging campaigns and promotions. Our social media marketing strategies focus on building your fan and follower base, engaging your fans and followers to encourage them to become your brand ambassadors, and tracking and monitoring responses and results to ensure your company maintains a positive online reputation.

Social media marketing and online retailing go hand-in-hand

Many of our retail clients are adding social plugins to their e-commerce sites, encouraging shoppers to share products and reviews, along with learning more about their customers in the process. Our Minneapolis social media agency uses creative tactics to attract fans on social networks, such as exclusive offers and/or investing in targeted ads on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Our social media experts also use social media monitoring tools to track complaints and respond to customer service inquiries.

Learn more about social media strategies and tips

Make sure to visit our Social blog page to read about the latest news regarding social-related topics. You’ll find helpful strategies, tips, and just basic FYI tidbits that have been compiled by our social media marketing team.

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By Andrea Douglas