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Nighthawk Marketing is a Minneapolis digital marketing agency in Minnesota that works directly with Marketing, Marketing Communications, or Creative Services departments to help them manage workloads, especially during peak cycles. Minneapolis Digital Marketing Agency Outsourcing - Nighthawk MarketingOur B2C and B2B clients from various industries such as legalnon profitgovernment, education, health careretail, and financial to name a few. Nighthawk Marketing’s one-stop agency model allows our Fortune 500 clients the luxury to partner with one agency that can proactively manage marketing and creative projects from start to end while strictly adhering to their corporate branding guidelines. We specialize in digital marketing services such as web design, IT support and staff augmentation, search engine optimization SEO, search marketing PPC, video production, social media, content marketing, and mobile marketing.

We strictly adhere to corporate brand guidelines

Most Fortune 500 companies have invested a significant amount of money with national advertising agency to develop their brand identity and application guidelines. That’s why the digital marketing team at Nighthawk Marketing makes brand adherence a No. 1 priority on every project we work on. Brand execution is a core competency at Nighthawk Marketing.

We eliminate the need to hire contractors and freelancers

Every Marketing, Marketing Communications, or Creative Services department within a large corporation is faced with cyclical or unexpected work surges. When this happens, it’s critical for these groups to have the ability to quickly outsource the work. Nighthawk Marketing is a perfect solution in that we can step in and handle most creative and marketing projects from start to end. By being a one-stop digital marketing agency, our clients can eliminate the need to parcel out the work to multiple agencies and freelancers. Clients depend on Nighthawk Marketing because we are adept at striking the right balance. Working with us, you will see how we transform your brand guidelines into the day-to-day marketing applications you need. Our goal on each project is to deliver a high-quality product in a time- and cost-effective manner.

We provide one exclusive team … one point of contact

Our team is dedicated to listening and understanding your industry, your needs, and your objectives. We take the time to thoroughly understand your brand and its proper application. With Nighthawk Marketing, you get an inspired, passionate, and committed team that will lead and take ownership of your marketing and creative projects. Our culture is based on a proactive attitude geared toward consistently meeting your expectations on every project.

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By Andrea Douglas