Talk is Cheap: How to Create Meaningful Dialogue with User-Generated Content

Talk is Cheap: How to Create Meaningful Dialogue with User-Generated Content

Looking for new ways to break away from the tired, traditional marketing clutter and stand apart from your competitors? User-Generated Content is an online marketing strategy your business can adopt to start conversations with consumers that is creative, engaging, and memorable.

User-Generated Content describes a web design strategy involving digital content such as videos, pictures, and blogs – content that is created by consumers and intended for public viewing. In the above example, partnered with the Minnesota web company Nighthawk Marketing to develop the “Share Your Heart” video campaign where users can submit their own photo for inclusion in the video.

Start engaging consumers by asking them for ideas, reactions, or commentary, and don’t be afraid to use a sense of humor. Consumers will voice their perspectives directly to you, while also providing trustworthy information that is reflective of your business.

User-Generated Content in website design allows consumers to not only communicate with others, but also creates a platform to communicate with the brand itself. Because it is created from everyday people, the novelty of the interaction can increase the online awareness and visibility of your company. Many times, User-Generated Content will spread virally through word of mouth due to its unique and reality-based nature.

When consumers have the experience to creatively interact with your brand, it not only gives them a stronger sense of belonging, it also increases your brand’s value. Now that is a win-win relationship! Whether it’s through posting pictures, making a video, or creating a blog about a product, User-Generated Content creates an opportunity for the consumer to be personally engaged with a brand.

Companies are creating entire marketing campaigns revolving around the idea of User-Generated Content. The idea of utilizing user-generated material is unique, and has the potential to spread social buzz about your company, products or brand.

Are you still skeptical about placing all of the power into the hands of consumers? You’re not alone. Though there is some risk involved, through careful planning you can mitigate the risk while maximizing the benefits. Companies do need to maintain their brand identity, so it’s critical to decide the amount of control the consumer will have throughout the process. A loss of control does worry some companies, which is valid, but User-Generated Content can become a part of a company’s marketing mix without destroying the brand’s image and consistency.

Now more than ever, social media has taken a front seat within the marketing realm. The immediate interconnectedness offered on sites like YouTube or Facebook allow User-Generated Content to be a successful means to increase conversation, engagement, and brand identity among businesses and consumers.

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Examples of User-Generated Content Campaigns


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