City launches fiber optic services to their business community

City launches fiber optic services to their business community

In 2010, the city of Eagan, Minnesota conducted a survey and identified an interesting finding. More than 80 percent of the people living in their city believed it was important to have world class Internet access and speeds and supported the pursuit of upgrading broadband access and services for residents and businesses. A year later, the City Council authorized construction of approximately 16 miles of wholesale fiber and duct running through Eagan’s business community. When construction was nearing completion in 2012, the City hired Nighthawk Marketing to develop their brand identity for their new product called AccessEagan. They also looked to Nighthawk Marketing to spearhead the product launch leveraging traditional and digital channels.

Creating a strong and recognizable brand identity for AccessEagan

The first step of the project was to develop AccessEagan’s brand identity. We wanted AccessEagan to imbed itself into the hearts and minds of Eagan businesses. The true value of a brand identity lies in the view of your target market. It reveals the market’s knowledge about the name and existence of your brand. Our approach to developing AccessEagan’s brand identity was to focus on key elements such as promise, personality, look, voice, service, and attributes. Next we moved into tangible components such as logo, words, type font, design, colors, etc. that would be consistently adopted across all print and web channels.

Using Joomla as the website content management system

As we entered the web design and development phase, our web team felt it important to built the website using an open source content management system. For this project, Joomla was the perfect solution. Joomla comes with a WYSIWYG backend editor that makes it very easy to manage website content. This was important to the City so their staff could quickly and easily add or edit content without needing HTML programming skills. Joomla also comes with the features and functionality that was critical to supporting our three digital marketing goals – increase search visibility, maximize time spent viewing web pages, and convert site visitors into qualified leads.

Launching to the public

In 2013, AccessEagan was launched to the public in grand style. Direct mail, advertising, email marketing, and web marketing worked in synch to announce the arrival of AccessEagan. The business community was invited to an open house where they could learn more about AccessEagan and ask one-on-one questions with City personnel. Videos were created to visually explain the advantages of fiber services over other traditional services. Printed and promotional materials were available throughout the year to support both the open house and promotional events. To view some of the work, go to our AccessEagan brand page.

Working with Minnesota cities and municipalities

To learn more about how Nighthawk Marketing works with city and municipal organizations, call 952-322-4794 or send an email to Nighthawk Marketing. You can also find more information on our government services page.


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