Why choose Drupal for a CMS?

Why choose Drupal for a CMS?

Drupal’s a highly integrative, open source, scalable content management system. It possesses substantial APIs for giving large and small businesses alike the boost they need to achieve a competitive edge. It gives companies the flexibility to update and manage copy, video, images, etc. – anywhere and anytime. Because Drupal is a Software as a Service solution, you can access and update your content worldwide 24/7.

Major US government agencies, EU Scientific Associations and major corporations like FedEx choose Drupal for their content management system

Drupal numbers among its users The White House, The Department of Energy and the US Department of Commerce. These three government entities have billion dollar budgets and exacting security requirements. Selecting Drupal as a CMS means you’ll reap the same rewards they do at low, open source costs. Many universities and educational organizations also use Drupal. One example is The FuturICT, which proposes to unify Europe’s top scientists in a decade long program exploring social life on our planet. It’s likely the project benefits from the rich capability provided by Drupal’s multilingual page option.

It’s vital your CMS meets your needs for today and in the future

How does Drupal accomplish both? Drupal is constantly undergoing development by worldwide contributors and always provides the leading edge of responsiveness to its users. As an open source community platform, Drupal’s millions of contributors are continuously updating it. Drupal APIs power your site with features that extend connections, mobility and presentation. Out of the box APIs are available for Google Analytics, Google Apps, Ubercart, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MailChimp and Constant Contact. When you’re ready to connect your site to the rest of the world, Drupal is likely to have the API you’re looking for. Visit Drupal.org to see an extensive list of Drupal’s APIs. You can create your own custom modules with assurance using Drupal’s clear and comprehensive documentation.

Drupal’s responsive web designs target all mobile devices

It’s exasperating when a great site that appears just as you wanted it on a desktop doesn’t look so good when viewed from a mobile device. Responsive web design allows businesses to build one website that has the intelligence to readjust the layout design for all types of devices and browsers. This wide range of functionality is especially important when it comes to mobile and tablet devices. The end goal is to provide a unified experience that can be enjoyed in the same exact manner on any PC, tablet or mobile device. With Drupal as your CMS of choice, you can spare yourself this mishap. Drupal’s mobile compatibility features can save you time and money, providing additional support for your mobile conversions. Here’s a blog article that talks more about responsive web design.

Drupal is designed for robust security

Drupal is well structured for verifying, investigating and publishing possible security issues. A security team works directly with the Drupal community to address ongoing problems. One reason the White House switched to Drupal was because of the many security advantages it provides. Drupal prevents many security vulnerabilities through API and configuration structures designed with built-in security. For example, the Drupal API is designed to prevent injection and cross-site request forgeries. This information is documented in the Drupal Security Report.

Drupal is fast becoming the website platform of choice for many companies. It’s recently expanded its functionality to provide greater support for mobile devices. With security good enough for the White House and cost effectiveness that can’t be beat, it’s hard to see why some people still choose proprietary content management systems over Drupal.

Ready for a Drupal CMS website?

To see if a Drupal website makes sense for your company or organization, contact Nighthawk Marketing, a Minnesota Drupal web design and digital marketing agency in Minneapolis St. Paul. We can help answer any questions, along with providing you an estimate and timeline for creating a custom Drupal responsive website.


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